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Friday, May 9, 2008

Where's my washer???

I was supposed to recieve my new washer and dryer today from Sears. I recieved a call earlier in the week-a recording-saying that my washer had been delivered to the store. I recieved a call yesterday from a person confirming delivery of my washer and dryer for today between 11 am and 3 pm. Everything seemed to be going fine. A call came in at 11:03 am today from the delivery drivers saying they had one delivery before me, and would be on their way. I gave them directions to the house. Perfect! I couldn't believe that my delivery would be winthin a couple of hours, and I might have all my built up laundry done before dinner. WOW! You know, because usually it happens like the "cable man" episode of Seinfeld.

So the drivers call because they took a wrong turn up the street, and I directed them in over the phone. Can you feel my excitement building over the dream of clean clothes for the weekend?

The drivers arrive, take my new dryer off the truck and begin peeling off the cardboard box, and getting it ready to come inside. One of the delivery guys comes in and asks where my dyer is going to be put. I didn't understand him at first, so I asked him what he had said. He then responded with "What did I bring you today, Mam?" I replied in a questioning, half joking tone, "A washer and dryer?" "What?" he said. He told me he only had a dryer for delivery and, honestly, I thought he was joking. We, or should I say I, playfully bantered about how he should keep his day job, it wasn't funny, did he know how much laundry I had piled up, etc, etc, etc. He assured me that he wasn't trying to start a new career as a comedian. There really wasn't a washing machine on the truck. OH MY GOSH!!! I can almost sense my clothes starting to mildew and begin taking their first steps!

I told him about the recorded call, earlier in the week, announcing the arrival of my machine. A lightbulb went off and he explained that the machine went to the store and the dryer to the warehouse, where the deliveries come from. The store should have sent my washing machine over to the warehouse for it to be delivered to my house. The store messed up. Yea, I would say so! I was just in disbelief! What would I, (and the rest of my family), wear on Mother's Day? Birthday suits are for first birthdays, and highly inappropriate for Mother's Day!

Well, after my husband made several phone calls, sat on hold for over and hour, called the corporation, which did no good, (they just referred him to call the store back), my husband is currently at the store picking it up himself. They did offer to take off half the delivery charge, since they did deliver half of what they were supposed to. Aww! How generous! I'm thinking they owe us a lot more! How about a lifetime supply of the type of laundry soap that goes with this "high functioning" machine? Yea, I'm sure I can't count on that either. I will be pecking out a nasty, unsatisfied customer email to the company. I will have to wait for the rest of the story from my husband about what all transpired at the store.

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Smirking Cat said...

Tell Sears to straighten up, or we will all write nasty blog entries about them!