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Friday, May 9, 2008

Spring Cleaning

Yesterday I was insanely busy doing some spring cleaning. Whew! My body is sore today from moving furniture and scrubbing on hands and knees!

My house is getting there, but I really think I need to hire a professional organizer. Not one that comes in and makes you throw out all your beloved stuff. Like that quilt your grandmother made that is now reduced to exposed batting with strips of faded color hanging off of it. Or that doll you have had since you were four. Organizing is just not my strong suit. For me, organizing is more closely related to the stash and hide method. I really could be one of those people with "a place for everything and everything in its place", but, alas, I do not live alone. The forces are against me-a husband, a son, and a menagerie. It is almost hopeless! I need Indiana Jones with his whip to come in a beat some submission into these menfolks and crazy critters, but then again, remember how Indy's office looked in the first movie? He is one of the types I fight against-piles of stuff everywhere, tripping over things, *sigh*, but he's still cute! Maybe I'll just borrow his whip and do it myself! I could be one of those people with a little instruction and guidance, but the skill escapes me. I would love to not have to go "tresure hunting" every time I needed a piece of tape or a paper clip, or a piece of paper to write on but where would the adventure be? What's the fun in that?

So yesterday I cleaned the bathroom to a sparkling shine! I scrubbed everything, around, behind, the floor, the shower, the toilet, the sink. It was simply spectacular when I was finished, not to mention that my family is probably no longer at risk for contracting MERSA!! My husband came in and when he saw the shower, asked for his sunglasses to cut the glare. Ok, it has probably been too long between deep cleanings! Ya think?? I will have to be more frequent and consistent!

I also rearranged my bedroom, with my husband's help. Thanks, Honey! I vaccuumed around doorways, baseboards, air vents, everything!

It was a very satisfying day!

Today, I will try and find the dining room table! Wish me luck!


Amy J said...

Who are you and WHERE is my dear friend Cranberry????????? Just kidding! Couldn't help myself!! Great job! And how is your dining room table now??

BJ said...

When you have found your table, please, please, please, help me find my front door.
I need to get out!

SomeOne said...

Well, I posted this almost a month ago. It took me another two weeks to get to cleaning it off. Once I did, it was so good to see its beauty, I decided to bury it again like pirate treasure!