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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Just Keep Swimming!

This year I happen to be blessed with access to a swimming pool, anytime I want it. I have to say that I feel incredibly grateful for this. I've never been big on water. I mean, I love to be clean, and I do prefer a good long soak in a hot bath tub, hopefully with tons of bubbles, but as far as swimming, I never was much into it. Oh, I wanted to be! 1) I am self conscious, like most , about being seen in a swimsuit. 2)I have not had that much access to swimming pools in the past. 3) I was scared of drowning.

Let's take the issues: 1) I don't care anymore. Just because I am not a societal norm "stick figure", I have just as much right to enjoy life, and I plan on it! I'm so over all that crap! I bought a swimsuit that is comfortable, that covers, and doesn't "ride".

2) I have access.

3) Early on, my mom injected into us a fear of water and drowning. My siblings did get swim lessons, but I missed out on that. My husband has tried to teach me, but I just had to learn on my own. So, I do love to swim, but by "swim" I mean like a polar bear, not a human. It is a little better than "doggy paddle". I refuse to put my face or ears in the water on purpose, hence the aforementioned fear of drowning.

So here I am, swimming in my own way and doing pool exercises and enjoying every minute of it!

I bought my son a pool noodle to use. I borrowed it one day and floated all over the pool, just relaxing. It was wonderful! Then he wanted it back. Two days later, I bought one for myself!! By the way, why don't they make them in red? My "dollar store" choices were blue and pistachio green. I opted for a blue one to match my son's. Again, why don't they come in red? Hear me whine!!! If they can make orange, they could make red. WHAAAAAA!!!! Ok, enough!

Where's my sunscreen? It's time for a refreshing dip!


Amy J said...

What?? Nothing to say about the "Prodigal BFF"? *sigh* Okay, then maybe it's time to "come back to the fold". :)


SomeOne said...

Yes, redeem yourself now and come baaaack!