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Monday, June 9, 2008

What A Blessing!

I've been thinking a lot about blessings lately. Often we are too busy trying to get along in our lives to notice them. We are working at jobs we don't like, sitting in traffic, trying to get a few groceries among a huge multitude of other people, cleaning, doing laundry, taking care of children, and more. We often don't stop trying to get it all done to stop and see the blessings. When we take time to stop, relax, reflect, and really consider, we can see the blessings around us. I couldn't possibly list all that I am grateful for, but here is my list for today:

My salvation-humans chose to sin. Sin was so great and prevalent that God created His Son whose blood covered and paid for our sin. If we believe that Jesus died for us and rose from the grave so we would not perish, confess our sins to God, we can have a relationship with God. Awesome!

Stars and planets-How often do we really ever look up at the night sky? It is truly beautiful to be here, a small person on earth looking up at the dome of stars that surrounds you from all horizons, where the Earth meets the sky!

Sunrises and sunsets-No two are ever the same! Beautiful colors painted across the sky-dark blue, aqua, purple, pink, red, orange, yellow, white. When is the last time you took time to be "WOWed" by the rising or setting sun?

My family-from the family I was born into to the family that has been created with my husband and son- we are happy, sad, dysfunctional, wacky, humorous, depressed, functional, loving, crazy, sane. I am grateful for them all, for all the triumphs, and all the tragedies.

Bad times-These are horrible. Sometimes we think we can't get through them. When we have these times, we usually can't see anything good. In times like these, however, we can choose to learn, grow, gain knowledge and wisdom. Often the learning, growing, and gaining don't happen until much later when we reflect on it. I am grateful for hindsight! We would not be who we are without adversity!

Electricity and Indoor plumbing- I wonder if anyone ever died from a snake bite on the butt in the outhouse! The generations of people who suffered through outhouses and no electricity are either gone or in their golden years. I am so grateful for hot showers and flushing toilets! Can you imagine taking a bath once a week or less and bathing in your brother's bath water? EEEWWWW! I'm grateful I can turn on a light and read before bed.

Nature- By this I mean animals, plants, flowers, insects, Everything! Ok-I don't really like bugs that bite-mosquitoes, fire ants, horseflies, but I know that they exist for a purpose. I don't know that purpose, but God does. It boggles the mind to think of all the interesting animals, their homes, their habits, their differences! WOW! Think of all the different types of trees, grass, flowering plants-Amazing! It is amazing that God has surrounded us with so much wonder and beauty!

Friends -I don't have a ton of friends. I have a few really, really good friends. I can see God in each of them. Certain friends are in my life for certain purposes. That is truly Awesome! I have friends I talk to every week. Some I talk to once or twice a year, and some friends fall somewhere in between those two extremes. Some friends are sent for a "season" of life-a certain bad time or good time when I needed either lots of support, or lots of laughter, or some nourishment. I could not make it without my friends-seasonal or long-lasting!

Wind, rain, clouds, food, shelter, transportation, my husband's job, my child's smile, ice, sweet tea, pillows, telephones and computers that keep me in touch with others, books, libraries, music, memories.

Like I said, I can't possibly name in one day all that I am grateful for. The list is just too long! Today's blog is a reminder to myself and, hopefully, others who may come across this, to take time and count your blessings, smell the roses, enjoy the sunset, marvel at the stars, forgive a grudge, hug a loved one, pass on a smile to someone who needs it. We never know how we affect others. Go out and bless someone else today. Give a stranger something to be grateful for!


Amy J said...

Love it!! Thanks for that!! I needed to be reminded of all that.

And about our salvation....a very interesting question was posed at church yesterday.....What is the purpose of salvation? WHY did God want to deliver us from our sin? Yes, so we could be with Him, but wow, think on that!! RELATIONSHIP! That just really stopped me in my tracks to ponder.

so there ya go!

SomeOne said...

Yes, RELATIONSHIP-truly a blessing! Whether I am grouchy, rebellious, complaining, questioning, even making my own trouble, God is there-waiting for me to lean on Him in full faith. And He is always forgiving!