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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Slug-fest at Chuck E. Cheese

I just read an article about two moms slugging it out at a nine year old's birthday party. Apparently, one mom got mad that the other mom's child was "hogging" a particular video game at the Chuck E. Cheese birthday celebration. The moms will now have to appear in court to answer for their atrocious behavior. However, no matter what the court deems appropriate payment for their outrageous behavior, it will never strike the horrifying memories from the other children at the CEC that day, or from the birthday boy. The day will live on in infamy.

Why are there so many people in the world that do not realize how their actions affect their children? The very people who should be responsible for teaching these children to share, be good sports, be patient, and to NEVER lay a hand on anyone out of anger suddenly start slugging it out over a video game. The MOMS were fighting over the video game!!!! Unbelieveable! From this point on, how do these moms expect their kids to respect them and obey them? Kids learn by what they see-NOT by what they are told to do, or not do. These are two parents who can never expect their kids to "play nice" when told to. WOW! How would you like this to keep biting you in the butt every time you try to discipline your kids?


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Smirking Cat said...

The article didn't say if the 2nd mother simply defended herself, or if she acted as much of a jackass as the attacking mother. Either way, the child's birthday was ruined, and for a shameful, stupid, idiotic reason.