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Monday, March 10, 2008

Drinks, Dollars, and DUH!

Well, the weekend is gone, so here I sit. Saturday I read most of the day while the guys did "their thing". That night, we watched movies until very late.

Sunday we all went out to return a dress I had settled on after the whole "visual harrassment" ordeal. I have since found a suitable frock to wear to the big dinner, so I was off to return the "last resort" dress I had settled for, but didn't like. As soon as we had buckled our seat belts, my son, as usual, was hungry. We returned the dress, looked around in another store in the shopping strip, and were off to grab a bite to eat.

We entered the restaurant, and, after a few minutes, were told to take a seat where we liked. I returned from the restroom to find my crew settled into a booth with two drinks on the table. I inquired about the missing drink. My husband told me he had ordered two cokes and a sweet tea, but that the waitress had only brought one coke and one tea. Curious. Perhaps the syrup was out, and she would bring it shortly. As I seated myself at the table, the waitress came over and asked if I would like something to drink. I told her that I had my tea, but that my husband needed a coke. "OH! Did you want a coke?" she asked. "Yes, I really would like one" he replied. Ok, a misunderstanding. During the "my tea, his coke" conversation, she explained it was her first day, so I told my husband to be patient. After she left our table, a couple of ladies came in. She took their drink order and delivered it back to them without a problem. When she came back to get our food order, we reminded her about the coke. She looked so puzzled. Again, she asked my husband, "OH! Did you really want a coke???" "Yes, I really do" he said. "I'm so sorry! Ok, I'll be right back." She wasn't. At this point, we really started to wonder if this young lady could understand "human" as well as she spoke it. Ok, the restaurant was NOT busy. Our server had two tables, including ours. I also noted that it was strange that on her first day at work, she did not have a trainer shadowing her. After she delivered our food, we asked for the coke AGAIN! Finally, she brought it. We were truly perplexed! Was there something in my husband's eyes that betrayed his true desire for that coke to her? We just could not understand why it was so fantastical, unbelieveable that he wanted a coke! We also asked for three sets of silverware, but only recieved two. We knew better, at this point, to contiue to ask. It would have just been too much work, on our part. At the end of our strange experience, I was at a real quandary. As a former waitress, I always tip well, but... I left her $2.00 and a note on the receipt that read, "What??? This is the weirest, most confusing dining experience I have ever had!" Poor thing! She will probably spend the rest of her life trying to figure out what I meant by that message!

After our bewildering lunch experience, we headed to browse the discount/dollar stores. I really love these stores, even though I feel I need a shower after shopping there. AAWW!! The smell of stale caramel popcorn, oddly scented bath salts, and the various perfume smell of candles that smell nothing like the aroma the label claims it to be! A few of the staple goods in these stores include gift bags, plastic storage containers in pumpkin, Christmas red, and lime green, a modge poge of odd dishes in all sorts of shapes, designs, and colors, cheap picture frames, old beauty products, irregular pantyhose, cake mixes written in Arabic, and cassette tapes by Bread, Abba,and Best of '70's Disco. (I do have to admit I still love Dancing Queen by Abba!) So, here are the treasures we walked away with: a $5 Bionicle, a large painting canvas for $7, and pack of pastel blue napkins, (Easter is coming up!), two oddly shaped coffe mugs with a design that looks like a cross contamination of '70's inspired and Asian inspired art, (at $1 each, these were too weird to pass up!), a tiny lip gloss contained in a tiny ice cream tub in mint chocolate chip. OH! How I love the "crap for sale" stores! It's an air conditioned garage sale!

So, I hope you had a good nibble on the crumbs of my ultra glamourous weekend. Maybe, if you try a little harder, you will be able to reach this pinnacle of glamour, too!

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