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Monday, March 10, 2008

Tainted T's

Today I walked into a popular drugstore chain only to find, much to my disgust, totally offensive tiny t-shirts that I spotted a few weeks ago are still there. T-shirts that sport sayings such as "My mom is hot!" and "My mom is hotter than your mom!" and "Chicks dig me!". What kind of moron would put this saying on a child? Did I mention the sizes start at 12 months??!!!! I voiced my opinion to my friend that works at the store and told him they have to go! The cashier told me they are selling like hotcakes and asked me what I found so offensive about them. I cringed when she admitted she thought they were "cute". I grappled not to fall into a bezerkoid, irrational rant, and clamly, but passionately explained my position. Here it is: I can NOT believe anyone would buy this shirt and put it on a child too young to express his/her own opinions. Moral decay, lack of respect for others, and a complete void of values is infecting, festering, and spreading in our country. Furthermore, I would NEVER want my child to think of his/her mother as "hot" or a "hottie". That is totally beyond inappropriate! It is horrifying! Yes, I know that a baby is not going to develop these thoughts that the shirt reflects before it grows out of it, but if a moronic, unintelligent, bottomfeeder would put this kind of smut on their baby, what kind of trashy messages will they allow when the child is older? Undoubtably, the parents of this child will teach it to think in this way. The boys in this family will be taught to objectify and disrespect women, starting with their mother, and the girls will be taught to become objects for men. The boys will believe it is acceptable to judge a woman by her looks. The girls will be oppressed, forced into owning everything pink, dressed like Paris Hilton and slutty Bratz dolls, told they are only as good as they look, and that pandering to men will get them far. It is deplorable! Depraved! When will it stop? *sigh* I imagine it probablly won't. I just can't believe that someone would dress a baby in a shirt that expresses sexual attraction, (according to societal standards), to that baby's own mother! Disgusting!


Smirking Cat said...

I knew the "it's cute" defense would come out, because stupid people are nothing if not predictable. They're the same people who think "Heartbreaker" on little girls' t-shirts or writing across the butt of girls' clothes is cute too. Sexualizing children is never cute.

SomeOne said...

No, it's not! I just can not find a solution to having to educate so many uninformed sheep that have been brainwashed by society's "norms" of utter depravity!