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Monday, February 25, 2008

Visual Harassment

So my husband works for a big company who has this big fancy dinner evey year. It is usually semi-formal to formal attire. Some of the interns, as well as, the "big wigs" often bring very young dates dressed ready for the prom. I do not feel this type of fashion would be appropriate for me, due to my age and my husband's position. Mind you, I am not looking for a dumpy mint green "mother-of-the-bride" frock that resembles an outfit from The Golden Girls, but how about a nice black cocktail dress.

Off to the mall I go, to find said cocktail dress with a friend on my arm for support and honesty. I can only descibe the clothes on the racks as visual terrorism. Everything looked as though Twiggy and The Brady Bunch had come in and thrown-up green, yellow, neon pink, and red circles, and diamond shapes upon every dress, shirt, and skirt in every store in the mall. It was absolutely grotesque! Needless to say, we did not come away with a nice little black cocktail dress or any dress from the mall!

Just because there is a war on, protests are regaining some popularity, and barriers are being broken in our nation that somewhat parallel the time this type of fashion was first regurgitated onto the scene, does not mean we need to revisit this vociferous visual assault! I implore all people everywhere to rebel against this! Wear solid colored clothes this spring and summer and tell the fashion industy we will not be held prisoners in their circles of red, green, and yellow! We refuse to be sequestered in loud green and blue diamond shapes! Tell them that the set from The Brady Bunch has long been disassembled and we don't want to wear the curtains or the couch upholstery as clothes-this season or EVER!

Read more about "Are women controlled by the beauty industry?" on my friend's blog Lipstick Graffiti.


Smirking Cat said...

My eyes are still twitching (and bleeding) from some of the clothes I've seen lately! P.S. I forgot to ask if it's OK to link to you from my blog. Is it OK?

SomeOne said...

Yes, it is ok to link to me. Yes, our visit to the Hot Topic store was visually soothing after all we had been victim to in the "mainstream" stores!