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Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Monday night our family went out to eat. Upon returning home and exiting the vehicle, my husband and I noticed two lights in the sky, the same distance apart, and moving at the same rate. It was the space shuttle and the intenational space staion! We were so thrilled to witness this! It was awesome! My husband looked it up on the internet to make sure. He found a site that tells you when it will pass over your area. http://spaceflight.nasa.gov/realdata/sightings/index.html

We took out the telescope last night to try and catch a better glimpse, but we never saw it. I think it was too low in the sky. Anyway, we spent hours outside looking at the moon, trying to focus in on the eye of Taurus, the Seven Sisters. We did view Saturn, which looks exactly like a glow-in-the-dark sticker through our telescope. It was amazing, to say the least! Tonight we are looking forward to the lunar eclipse!

It is truly amazing all the wonderful things God has given us in this world and beyond. I am truly thankful!


Smirking Cat said...

Woo-hoo! I am leaving the first comment on your spankin' new blog! Do I get a prize??

SomeOne said...

Yep. The prize of my muddled thoughts...and my friendship. How's that for a prize?

Smirking Cat said...

I'll take it :)