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Monday, March 24, 2008

My Week, My Weak

Well, here I am, safe at home once again. I survived, yet, another week long family gathering. Eight people in a small three bedroom. My mom greeted us with the gleeful, "I'm so happy yall are here!". Then delivered her usual heaping of guilt in true Scarlett O'Hara form, "Oh! It's been so long!" I mean, she doesn't exactly put her hand on her forehead when she says it, but she might as well! Sigh.

Actually, everyone behaved rather well, considering our usual dysfunction. My mom and sister got into one night, and it just set my mom into a passive aggressive performance towards my sister the last two days. Ok, one of my sister's kids has some issues he was born with. My sister deals with it every day and night, so one would think she would be the best one to disipline him. My mom tried to use, what I call, her grandmother veto. My sister tried to explain that you just have to handle it a certain way. Well, my mom went on a screaming thing. I went to smoke. The rest of the room cleared out quickly, too. Well, I guess they had their say, but the it was truly tense the next two days.

My sister had been looking for a blanket for my son and couldn't find one. My mom found the extra blankets and demanded my sister come back there to see them. I was there with my mom and told her that my sister heard her about the blankets. My mom replied that she wanted her to come a look at the blankets-that she was going to PROVE to my sister the blankets were where she had said they were! Ok, my mom clearly was still angry about the situation with my nephew and intended on trying to punish my sister the rest of our stay. My sister refused to go "look" at the blankets and be bullied by my mom. Good for her! I went to smoke. Everyone went to bed early that night.

On to my brother. My brother has a new girlfriend. She is a "people pleaser". That bothers me. Maybe this woman should hang out with my sister! Anyway, my brother has dated a lot of women in his life, some of them he has married, some of them he has not. For quite a while now, the rest of the family has not invested a lot in these women. I mean, one day-*POOF*- she could be gone, with no explanation. And there will be NO explanation. My brother does not face things in his life. He just moves on, hoping his crises can be remedied by the next woman. You always know when he wants you to welcome one with open arms-those are the girlfriends you get to meet. I just want to start screaming, "Get some foresight! Get some hindsight! Look in the mirror! Look at your past! Stop making the same mistakes over and over!"

So we came home on Saturday. I slept most of the way home and almost all day yesterday. I am ill. The last two times we have had a family affair, I have come home extremely sick. Last time it was full blown bronchitis. This time is a little different. After two days and nights of sleep and medicine, I am feeling better. Today I did some laundry. My husband had planned to take off early to come take me to the ER, since I refused to go last night. I told him I was better and not to come. I promised to take it easy. I know he is out there "stalking" my blog, and will be horrified that I am not in bed, so I send him a "shout out" HI, HONEY!! Blogging will not make me relapse! Bring more "kleenex" home!

Ok, I really am going to go rest now.

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